Lonely Noctis: Solo Road Trip in Final Fantasy XV??
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Lonely Noctis: Solo Road Trip in Final Fantasy XV??

Final Fantasy XV is a long road trip story featuring the young prince Noctis and his 3 best friends. For those of you who ever dreamed of leaving the trio behind, here is the way to do it.



If you played Final Fantasy XV, you probably know that Noctis and his friends are inseparable. You can’t go anywhere without hearing Ignis’s comment on the weather (yes, it IS hot) or IMPERIAL ABOVE US every ten minutes.




The good news is you can actually leave them somewhere and enjoy your Solo-Noctis adventure. On the downside, you can only do it when you have finished all the quest related to the Regalia car, and you can no longer count on your friends to help you during though fights or access chocobo races and restaurants.




If you are interested, here is what you should do (be sure to keep a back-up save just to be on the safe side):
– Go to the north of the Rock of Ravatogh area, there is a dungeon made accessible when all the quests related to the Regalia car are done
– Noctis should be by himself when he enters the dungeon, go a bit further and return to the stairs at the begining of the dungeon
– Open the menu and chose “Return to rest point” or “Return to car”


And it’s done!


Check out below the video showing the result (watch out, there is a mid-spoiler after 1:45):



Noctis sure looks lonely now.