Cute Mecha Robot Meets Game Boy Cartridges
on March 16, 2017 by

Cute Mecha Robot Meets Game Boy Cartridges

Have you already heard of Mechatro WeGo ? Those things are harmless cute little robots who come in various colours and spend their time doing nothing. Except when one decides to play Game Boy Color.




RobBoPan makes customisable game boy tools. He recently set up an encounter between a Mechatro WeGo and a customised game boy. Somehow there’s something a little bit perverted about the images, but maybe that’s just us. It ended up like this:




Nothing wrong with a little “tweaking” of the Game Boy by the robot…



It gets a little hot and heavy as the robot has to flip the Game Boy over to get at it from behind…


If you’re still not convinced by this adorable mecha, check out this adorable Miku edition: